name mapping

Is provided by Windows to ensure access by MS-DOS users to NTFS and FAT volumes (which can have share names of up to 255 characters, as opposed to MS-DOS, which is restricted to eight characters followed by a period and a three-character extension). With name mapping, each file or directory with a name that does not conform to the MS-DOS 8.3 standard is automatically given a second name that does. MS-DOS users connecting the file or directory over the network see the name in the 8.3 format; Windows users see the long name.

NTFS file system

A recoverable file system designed for use specifically with Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Vista. NTFS uses database, transaction-processing, and object paradigms to provide data security, file system reliability, and other advanced features. It supports file system recovery, large storage media, and various features for the POSIX subsystem. It also supports object-oriented applications by treating all files as objects with user-defined and system-defined attributes.