An acronym for random-access memory. RAM can be read from or written to by the computer or other devices. Information stored in RAM is lost when you turn off the computer.


To update displayed information with current data.

relative path

A relative path specifies the file or directory relatively to the current path (in panel, or other place where you use relative paths). E.g. relative path Windows\readme.wri used in panel with the current path C:\ will specify the file C:\Windows\readme.wri. See also full path, local path, UNC, and path.


In Windows, a database of information about a computer's configuration. The registry is organized in a hierarchical structure and consists of sub trees and their keys, hives, and entries.

registry key

An identifier for a record or group of records in the registry.

Registry Editor

An application that is used to view and edit entries in the registry.


To press and release a secondary mouse button quickly.

root directory

The top-level directory on a computer or partition volume. See also directory tree.