See universal naming convention.


A fixed-width, 16-bit character-encoding standard capable of representing the letters and characters of the majority of the world's languages. Unicode was developed by a consortium of U.S. computer companies.

universal naming convention (UNC)

A convention for naming files and other resources beginning with two backslashes (\), indicating that the resource exists on a network computer. UNC names conform to the \\computer_name\share_name syntax, where computer_name is the server's name and share_name is the name of the shared resource. The UNC name of a directory or file can also include the directory path after the share name, with the following syntax: \\computer_name\share_name\directory\filename. See also local path.


An unpacker restores files and directories from archive file. See also packer and archive file.

user name

A unique name identifying a user account to Windows. An account's user name cannot be identical to any other group name or user name of its own domain or workgroup.

user password

The password stored in each user's account. Each user generally has a unique user password and must type that password when logging on or accessing a server