wildcard character

A character that represents one or more characters. The question mark (?) wildcard can be used to represent any single character, and the asterisk (*) wildcard can be used to represent any character or group of characters that might match that position in other filenames.


A rectangular area on your screen in which you view an application or document. You can open, close, and move windows, and change the size of most windows. You can open several windows at a time, and you can often reduce a window to an icon or enlarge it to fill the entire desktop.

window menu

A menu that contains commands you can use to manipulate a window. You click the window icon at the left of the title bar to open the window menu. Keyboard users can use the Alt+Space shortcut key.

window icon

Located at the left of a window title bar, the window icon represents the program being run or the open document. Clicking the window icon opens the window menu.