Using Help

This is context sensitive help system, so you can ask for help directly from opened dialog boxes, on chosen menu items, or on chosen buttons in toolbars, see Accessing Help for details.

The manual is separated into several major sections:

Window Components

This section describes Altap Salamander windows and controls.

Using Altap Salamander

This section describes how to use Altap Salamander for managing files and directories. Particular tasks are separated according to user experience to basic and advanced tasks.

Dialog Boxes

This section describes all dialog boxes and can be quickly referred to when you have a specific question about some dialog option.


This section contains overview of keyboard and mouse shortcuts usable in Altap Salamander.


This section describes plugins for Altap Salamander. Each plugin has its own help where you can find details on purpose, using, configuring, and keyboard shortcuts.


This section covers a variety of topics and can be used for general information, as well as reference.


This section contains definitions for terms used in the documentation of Altap Salamander.

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Accessing Help