Restoring Encrypted Files from Backup

Recovery of encrypted files (EFS on NTFS volumes, see File Systems for details) is possible directly to another NTFS volume or, if not available, temporarily to FAT or exFAT volume. Since FAT and exFAT volumes do not support Encrypting File System (EFS), the encrypted files are recovered in raw (backup) format. These backup (*.bak) files can then be decoded to an NTFS volume, even back to the original one.

To restore encrypted files from backup:

  1. Select the files in backup format (*.bak).
  2. Open the Restore Encrypted Files from Backup dialog box:
    Menu:Plugins/Undelete/Restore Encrypted Files from Backup...
  3. Enter path to an NTFS volume where you want to restore the original files to.
  4. Choose the OK button.

Note that you can restore a complete directory structure containing both standard and encrypted files from NTFS to FAT or exFAT. The function Restore Encrypted Files from Backup can transfer the whole structure back to an NTFS volume, decoding encrypted files from their backups while copying standard files along with them.

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