Configuring Session (Login Dialog)

Session is configured using Login dialog. The WinSCP Login dialog box's options are categorized to tabs, which are documented separately. The plugin hides advanced options (even complete tabs) unless you select the Advanced options checkbox below the navigation tree.

If there are no stored sessions, WinSCP displays the Session tab. After you store one or more sessions on the Stored sessions tab, the Stored sessions tab will be the WinSCP Login dialog box's default view.

After you configure the session, you can open it by clicking Login or save it by clicking Save.

Tabs available on Login dialog:

  • Session (basic session options)
  • Environment (server compatibility options, filename encoding, DST, etc)
    • Directories (initial directories, directory cache)
    • Recycle Bin
    • SFTP (SFTP protocol specific/compatibility options)
    • SCP/Shell (shell and SCP protocol specific/compatibility options)
  • Connection (timeouts, keepalives)
    • Proxy (connection thru proxy server)
    • Tunnel (connection thru SSH tunnel)
  • SSH (SSH protocol options and authentication)