Altap Self-Extractor

Altap Self-Extractor is a part of each ZIP self-extracting archive. It's started when user opens self-extracting archive. It unpacks archive to the target directory of user's choice (or optionally to designated directory without any user prompt).


  • ZIP format compatibility, including older ZIP formats.
  • Extracting also encrypted files.
  • Spanned self-extracting archives are supported.
  • Available in several language versions.
  • Custom title and text in the main self-extractor dialog.
  • Option to display a message box with user defined text when self-extractor starts.
  • Custom icon in self-extractor dialog and the executable file.
  • Custom text of the "extract" button.
  • Altap Self-Extractor can start program (e.g. your installer), open document or http link when an extraction is finished.
  • Ability to run standard .inf files as an alternative to setup programs.
  • Remove files extracted in a temporary folder when the started program is finished.
  • Remove files in a temporary folder even if the install program involves a reboot.
  • Ability to wait for finishing of specified program before temporary files are removed.
  • Option to specify target directory as the current directory, the temporary directory, the Program Files directory, the Windows directory, the System directory, or the directory specified by the environment variable or the Registry value.
  • Option to specify a subdirectory to create in the target directory when extracting self-extracting archive.
  • Options to start extraction automatically, to hide main Altap Self-Extractor dialog, to suppress summary message box and to automatically overwrite files in the target directory.
  • Easy and user friendly environment for creating self-extracting archives in Altap Salamander using ZIP plugin.
  • Creating self-extracting archives also from command line (using command line tool Zip2Sfx, you can find it in plugins\zip\zip2sfx subdirectory of Altap Salamander's installation directory).

The Altap Self-Extractor executable is packed in a compact sfx package (file) with the language dependent data (like texts in the main dialog, etc.). For each supported language there is a one standalone sfx package. Sfx packages are distributed with ZIP plugin.