Self-extracting archive is an executable file (.exe) which consists of ZIP archive file and Altap Self-Extractor (software to unpack/extract the archive). In ZIP plugin you can create self-extracting archives with many useful options.

The main advantage is that anyone can extract files from a self-extracting archive without need of any other software (ZIP unpacker) or knowing how to use a separate unzip utility. Thus self-extracting archives are particularly suited for distribution of software to beginning users who are not familiar with the concept of ZIP archives. Or you can use it when transporting ZIP archive to computer where needed ZIP software is probably not installed.

Using Altap Self-Extractor you can compress your installation software. After the installer is extracted, Altap Self-Extractor starts the installation or executes any other command you have specified. When the installation finishes, Altap Self-Extractor removes all temporary files.