Self-Extractor Texts Dialog

Use the Texts button in the Self-Extractor Settings dialog to open the Self-Extractor Texts dialog. In this dialog you can specify texts for the message box (optional) and the main dialog of self-extracting archive.

Message Box

Altap Self-Extractor can display message box before the unpacking is started. Unpacking continues only if user press button OK, Yes, or I Agree.

If you don't want to display this message box, leave both fields Title and Message empty.

Note: I Agree + I Disagree buttons can be used only with Long Message message box type.

Main Dialog Box

You can customize texts in self-extracting archive main dialog: title, text in dialog, the Extract button, vendor name, and the web link. Use the Preview SFX Dialog Box command from View menu in the Self-Extractor Settings dialog to see main dialog with your own texts.