Waiting for Another Application

Use the Wait For button in the Self-Extractor Settings dialog to open the Wait For dialog. This button is enabled only when unpacking to temporary directory (Extract to is set to $(Temp)) and Remove extracted files is checked.

Altap Self-Extractor can unpack files to temporary folder. Then it can start application specified in the Self-Extractor Settings dialog in the field Execute command or open document. When the started application finishes, self-extractor can remove temporary files and finish itself.

In some rare cases (some versions of Install Shield) the started application (let's call it App1) starts another application (App2) and finishes while the App2 is still running. In normal case the Altap Self-Extractor detects that the App1 has finished and because it does not know anything about the App2, it removes the temporary files and finishes itself. To prevent this problem you can specify the application for which the Altap Self-Extractor should wait. You can do it by specifying the filename of the App2 executable in the Wait for dialog.