Altap Salamander 2.51 Changelog

Release date: March 19, 2008

Altap Salamander core changes

  • Support for upgrading and repairing existing versions of Altap Salamander or Servant Salamander. It is possible to install Altap Salamander 2.51 to Altap Salamander 2.5 (or 2.0) directory. Previous version will be uninstalled, old configuration and registration keys will be imported into new version.
  • Installer: when registration keys (KEYS25.ZIP or KEYS.ZIP) are found beside the Salamander installer, they could be imported during installation.
  • Improved handling of paths with symbolic links (Windows Vista) and substs.
  • Windows Vista: walking through the legacy directories (now junction points) as C:\Documents and Settings.
  • Better confirmation text when deleting single reparse point: "deleting junction point" (or volume mount point or symbolic link) instead of "deleting file" (or directory).
  • Windows Vista: deleting of symbolic links is possible now.
  • Better handling of corrupted configuration: emphasized "Delete Configuration" button and new option to exit application and keep corrupted configuration untouched. Also WaitToKillAppTimeout and AutoEndTasks Registry values are checked when corrupted configuration is found.
  • Upgrade Code (for purchasing additional licenses) is displayed in Help > About Altap Salamander 2.51.
  • Compare Directories: unreadable and inaccessible directories (for example due to insufficient permissions) are selected as different now.
  • Option to turn on/off icon overlay handlers, see Options > Configuration > Icon Overlays.
  • Fixed problem with Offline Files icon overlay (it unintentionally turned on "available offline" for directories which parent directory was "available offline").
  • Commands Pack (Alt+F5) and Edit New File (Shift+F4) takes into account "Select whole name including extension when entering new file name" option, introduced for Quick Rename (F2) command.
  • Support for hiding keyboard accelerators in menus and dialog boxes. To show accelerators press the Alt key.
  • Optimized memory utilization of sorting algorithms.
  • Improved exception handling (to better catch exceptions from faulty shell extensions).
  • Fixed several minor bugs and problems.
  • Support for v2.5 plugins: plugins for Altap Salamander 2.5 work without any modifications in Altap Salamander 2.51.

PictView plugin

  • Thumbnails from Alternative Data Streams on NTFS disks on Win2K (created by Explorer) are no longer upside down
  • Added Czech translation of libexif
  • Fixed corruption of some makernotes when updating thumbnails in EXIF JPEG's
  • Extended support for Pentax & Olympus and added support for Casio, Fuji & Sanyo makernotes in EXIF JPEG's
  • Fixed scrolling and panning of images higher or wider than 65535 pixels (originally or after zoom)
  • Added support for Windows XP tags in EXIF JPEG's
  • Added Alpha-blending of interleaved 32bit PiNGs
  • Added reading of BMP files with DXT1 and DXT3 compressions for DirectX Textures
  • Added reading of progressive CMYK and YCCK JPEG files with subsampling 1:1:1:1
  • Fixed reading of non-rectangular DDS files
  • Fixed wrong precision when reading some progressive JPEG files
  • Fixed crash on writing SKA files.
  • Flipped zoom-in & -out on Ctrl-Wheel, for reasons of consistency with MS & Adobe SW

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Registered OpenOffice suffix *.ODP
  • Landscape PostScript documents no longer loaded as Portrait
  • All formats: Support for rotated rasters
  • Drastic speed up of reading PDF documents with shadings or clippings (20 times faster is not uncommon)
  • Numerous fixes and improvements in reading PDF and HP RTL documents
  • Added reading of mline objects and hatched ellipses in DWG drawings
  • Registered CAD Keycreator *.CKD files, standard CompoundFiles with bitmap thumbnail
  • Registered OpenXML documents (MS Office 2007) *.DOCX,*.PPTX,*.XLSX files, ZIP-ed bunch of XML files & a JPEG or WMF thumbnail
  • Fixed spurious crashes when reading several ESRI shapefiles simultaneously (the ESRI input module is thread-safe now)
  • Flipped zoom-in & -out on Ctrl-Wheel, for reasons of consistency with MS & Adobe SW

Altap Self-Extractor

  • Windows Vista manifest with "requires administrative privileges" option can be optionally included.

7-Zip plugin

  • Upgraded to 7-zip version 4.51.

WinSCP plugin

  • Support for language versions: language-dependent resources are separated.

Encrypt plugin

  • Better handling of "no disk free space" situation while cleaning disk free space on NTFS partition.

Undelete plugin

  • Fixed unhandled exception when "reading volume snapshot" was cancelled by user during latest stage.
  • Fixed problem introduced with "file damage estimations". In some rare cases we reached out of 'bitmap' range

UnRAR plugin

  • Better handling of encrypted volumes, the All button is default in the Password dialog box now.

Renamer plugin

  • The Skip All and Overwrite All buttons works in overwrite confirmations now.

PEViewer plugin

  • Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability.

UnLHA plugin

  • Fixed problem when there was not enough space on target path.

UnISO plugin

  • Better buffering while reading ISO image.

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