Altap Salamander 2.52 beta 1 Changelog

Release date: January 29, 2009

Altap Salamander core changes

  • Panel contents are refreshed even if Salamander's window is not active.
  • You can store user name and password when connecting to network share (only on Windows XP and Vista).
  • Smarter method for choosing color of hot text in the Directory line. Hot text should be better visible on Windows Vista.
  • When more items are selected in the panel and context menu is opened, the focused item is passed on the first position.
  • Windows Vista: correct icons are displayed (Drive bar, simple icons, archive icon, folder icons, Find window, etc.)
  • Updated and corrected terms: My Documents -> Documents, My Computer -> Computer, Network Neighborhood -> Network, Plugins bar -> Plugin bar, Drives bar -> Drive bar, Hot Paths bar -> Hot Path bar.
  • Better handling of "out of memory" states. The message box is displayed, asking user to free memory and press the Retry button or terminate Altap Salamander.
  • Better handling of error states while copying encrypted (EFS) files and directories. Copying without encryption is now offered instead of simple error and operation termination.
  • When files and directories with encrypted attribute (EFS) or with alternate data stream (ADS) are copied to disk that doesn't support EFS or ADS, user is informed about stripping of encrypted attribute or ADS.
  • Faster and more robust method for files overwriting (ADS are cleaned using opening files with CREATE_ALWAYS flag eventually using ADS enumeration instead of deleting destination file). Now we can overwrite files in directories where files deleting is denied.
  • The error message "Directory is not empty" could be displayed while deleting directory with subdirectory opened in another panel, another instance of Altap Salamander, or in Windows Explorer. Now we are trying to delete such directory multiple times before the error message is displayed so opened handles to subdirectories could be closed and directory is deleted without error.
  • The queue of Copy/Move operations contained also other operations (such as change of attributes) so "Wait until all other Copy/Move operations are finished" option was not working when e.g. Change Attributes operation was paused.
  • Tortoise SVN: notifications about icon-overlay changes are monitored (shell notification SHCNE_UPDATEITEM) and panels are updated accordingly. Works also in inactive Salamander.
  • On Windows XP (unlike other Windows) the name ie5_5.txt is sorted before ie5_.txt by Windows Explorer. Salamander is doing the same now.
  • Opening/running files from panel was changed to be compatible with Windows Explorer. Context menu is obtained with CMF_DEFAULTONLY flag and default item is used.
  • Change Drive menu: for substed network drive the substed path is displayed.
  • Context menu: IContextMenu3::HandleMenuMsg2() is now supported, so hot keys are working in owner draw menu (used for example by Tortoise SVN 1.5.x shell extension).
  • Directory line: Throbber (known from web browsers) displayed next to the current directory means background reading of panel content. For now used by new Network plugin, see below in the plugins section.
  • When panels split bar is dragged, panels are resized "on the fly". Old behavior is activated when Windows option "Show window contents while dragging" is disabled (for example in Remote Desktop client).
  • Drive bar: file system plugins are included (FTP, WinSCP, Network, etc.).
  • Drive bar: icons of shared drives are displayed with shared overlays now.
  • You can resize Salamander's main window without flickering on Windows Vista now.
  • Windows colors profile change is better propagated to running Salamander's windows. Rebar control and toolbar colors are changed now.
  • System font changes are now handled properly by Salamander.
  • Fixed bug in Remote Desktop connecting to Windows XP. When larger files were copied to the clipboard on the remote machine, local Salamander could freeze for long time (until file was transferred from remote to local machine).
  • New command line parameters: -A (set path in active panel), -O (same behavior as with "Allow only one instance of Salamander at one time" with option turned on), -P (set active panel).
  • Command line parameters -O, -I, and -T will not change corresponding options in Altap Salamander configuration.
  • Shift+F4: "Select whole name" option is ignored now, whole text is always selected.
  • Improved support for Fast User Switching, Terminal Services (Remote Desktop), and running Salamander under different user using RunAs command.
  • Improved support for mouse wheel: horizontal scrolling by mouse wheel tilting is supported in panels and viewers. Officially supported from Windows Vista (WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message).
  • New mouse wheel shortcuts: Shift+MouseWheel for horizontal scroll of panel, Ctrl+MouseWheel: change thumbnail size (Thumbnails mode must be selected in the panel), Alt+MouseWheel: change current view mode of panel (Brief, Detailed, etc.).
  • First patches for Windows 7 (beta build 7000).
  • Improved Help > Task List command, the process list is refreshed automatically. Selected item is not lost during refresh.
  • Fixed problem on Windows Vista where sometimes wrong window was activated when progress window of operation (Copy, Move, Delete, etc.) is active and operation finishes (its window is closed).
  • Another 50 minor bug fixes and improvements.

Network plugin

  • New plugin for browsing network (network neighborhood) directly in panel.
  • Reading network is not blocking panel, so user is not forced to wait for the result. You will appreciate it especially when some error occurs (e.g. server was shutdown) and system timeout is annoyingly long.
  • Plugin remembers all visited paths, so if you visit them again, they are displayed in panel instantly (while reading current state of network on background).
  • While reading network, throbber (animation) is displayed in the Directory line.
  • Altap Salamander can open UNC paths in \\server form now, try using Change Directory (Shift+F7) command. It is also possible to change path from root of UNC path (e.g. \\server\c) to list of server's shares (e.g. \\server).

7-Zip plugin

  • Plugin updated to 7-Zip version 4.62.
  • Improved speed.
  • Added support for 7z archives compressed with the BZIP2 method.
  • Added ARM/PPC/SPARC/X86/IA64 codecs into 7za.dll.
  • Added support for 7-Zip archives with encrypted file names.
  • Fixed Test Archive command.

File Comparator plugin

  • Support for comparing Unicode files.
  • Option to divide panels horizontally.
  • Autodetection of SBCS is used only when "Encoding of text files" is "Automatic" or "ASCII-8, automatic input conversion".
  • In HEX/binary mode is possible to selected text and copy it into the Clipboard.

ZIP plugin

  • Support for compression of file with size over 4GB.
  • Support for compression into ZIP files with size over 4GB.
  • Support for creating of multivolume archives with volume size over 4GB.
  • Support for comments (displaying and editing) on ZIP archives with size over 4GB or ZIP archives containing files over 4GB.
  • WinZIP 12.0 was not able to open our encrypted archives compressed with level 1, 2, 8, and 9.
  • Added encryption methods AES128 a AES256 for compression.

PictView plugin

  • Added autorotation when viewing EXIF JPEGs (it makes viewing of portrait photos easier).
  • Support for capturing of non-rectangular windows.
  • The Shift-Select tool can select any rectangle with predefined aspect-ratio, not only square.
  • Added support of progressive RGB JPEGs with 1:1:1 subsampling.
  • Added reading of TIFFs with proprietary RLE compression of HMR.
  • Added detection of nonsense pseudo-thumbnails in EXIF JPEGs.
  • Transparency preserved when saving GIF as 32-bit PNG,RAS,TGA.
  • Updated Olympus EXIF makernote support.
  • "CMYK" or "LAB" shown in window title instead of 16777216 colors for CMYK/LAB images.
  • Added support for BLP textures used by Blizzard Entertainment in World of Warcraft.
  • Shift-mouse wheel scrolls horizontally.
  • Extended support for GPS tags and added support for Epson makernotes in EXIF JPEG's.
  • Support for horizontal scrolling when mouse wheel is tilted (new WM_MOUSEHWHEEL known from Windows Vista).
  • Added Tools Configuration dialog page.
  • "Pipette picks colors in hexadecimal" moved from Advanced to Tools Configuration.
  • Fixed crashes on scanning.

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Various minor fixes when reading CGM drawings and XLS sheets created in OpenOffice.
  • Added support for JBIG2 compression in PDF documents.
  • Shift-mouse wheel scrolls horizontally.
  • Support for horizontal scrolling when mouse wheel is tilted (new WM_MOUSEHWHEEL known from Windows Vista).

UnISO plugin

  • Fixed operations on files with size over 2GB.
  • Fixed reading of NRG images, including AudioCD.
  • Support for reading od track and album names from AudioCD images.
  • Fixed reading of MDF files with sub-channel data.
  • Improved reading of UDF images.
  • Support for UDF 2.50 and 2.60 (Extended File Entries and Metadata Partition).
  • Support for UDF Virtual Partitions.
  • Support for multi-session UDF 2.50 and 2.60.

WinSCP plugin

Checksum plugin

  • The Calculate command was moved to background so Altap Salamander windows is not blocked anymore.
  • Support for SHA1 and SHA256 hashes.
  • Added plugin configuration where you can choose calculated hashes.

Database Viewer plugin

  • It is possible to change size of the Fields window.
  • Shift-mouse wheel scrolls horizontally.
  • Support for horizontal scrolling when mouse wheel is tilted (new WM_MOUSEHWHEEL known from Windows Vista).

UnMIME plugin

  • Added support for Content-Location: needed by web-archives.
  • Name from file Content-Disposition & Content-Location is not lost if Content-Type is presented.

TAR plugin

  • Fixed extracting of gzipped archives: if original file name contains Unix path (e.g. /var/mailman/archives/private/grass5/2005-July.txt), only the real file name part is taken. The file would be unextractable otherwise.

UnFAT plugin

  • Fixed reading of volume labels.

Renamer plugin

  • Ctrl+A (select all) shortcut is supported, even on older Windows.

Multimedia Viewer plugin

  • Fixed reading of Bitrate and Frequency for mpeg 2 and 2.5.

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