Altap Salamander 2.52 beta 2 Changelog

Release date: August 21, 2009

Altap Salamander core changes

  • New Password Manager with option to protect your passwords with Master Password. If you are concerned about unauthorized use of your computer (by malware or person), use the Master Password to store your passwords encrypted using AES-256 algorithm. In such case you will have to enter the Master Password once each Altap Salamander session need to access your saved passwords. Right now only FTP Client is using Password Manager, but we will also update the WinSCP plugin.
  • Windows XP and Vista: changed Numerical sorting option to be compatible with Windows Explorer when file name extensions are displayed.
  • Compare Directories: comparing of files by Content is up to 7x faster for files on the same disk (even on different partitions).
  • Altap Salamander 2.52 is now backward compatible with plugins for versions 2.5 and 2.51.
  • Horizontal mouse wheel events detected on Windows XP and 2000. Microsoft Intellipoint drivers must be installed.
  • Old hack removed: the dot in the beginning of the file name means the extension separator now. For example file ".txt" has the text file icon. Directories has no extension, the part behind the dot is just another part of the directory name.
  • Better error handling while reading icons from network drives prevents Salamander from infinite panel refreshing caused by unreadable icon.
  • Fixed calculation of extension column (optional) width when Show names option was switched to In upper case.
  • Better low memory handling, Abort/Retry/Ignore message box is displayed. It is possible to click the Ignore button to pass NULL into application.
  • Fixed problem with accessing admin shares on computers with underscore in the name as "\\comp_a\c$".
  • Improved external archivers calling. Packing or Unpacking using external archiver no longer block another instances of Salamander.
  • Fixed drag and drop with no key modifier (Shift or Ctrl). When dragging from plugin file system to Windows Explorer window (to disk where the TEMP directory is placed), the Move operation was performed instead of Copy.
  • Fixed drag and drop from Find window to Windows Explorer under Windows Vista. Moved items stayed in the Find window.
  • Improved files association reading in Windows Vista. Now reading also Registry keys UserChoice and OpenWithProgids.
  • Reverted recent change in order of items used in context menu operations. See forum.
  • Better horizontal scrolling in panels: the panel under cursor is scrolled instead of active panel.
  • Fixed progress bar painting. The font was not initialized properly.
  • Windows Vista: cancelling of the UAC elevation prompt caused lost of active panel focus.
  • Main thread priority is lowered while calling context menu methods so shell extensions doesn't run on higher priority.
  • Fixed support for ClearType in the Directory and Information bar.
  • Improved algorithm for choosing colors in Directory Line.
  • Fixed detecting of total memory for the Bug Report.
  • Altap Salamander SDK: new CSalamanderCryptAbstract interface (AES and SHA1 algorithm), new CSalamanderPNGAbstract for PNG reading from memory or PE resources. New CSalamanderZLIBAbstract (ZLIB library).

New DiskMap plugin

  • Disk space analyzer that graphically shows disk space usage as set of nested rectangles.
  • You can easily identify which files and folders take up the most space.
  • Scan whole disk or user-specified directory branch.
  • Display context menu for selected file with option to focus file in Salamander panel.
  • Created by Ondrej Zarevucky, for screenshot see Altap Salamander forum.

New UnCHM plugin

  • Extractor of Microsoft Compiled HTML Help archives (files with .CHM extension).
  • Use the Unpack command (Alt+F6) to extract .CHM archives until we will support Ctrl+PgDn to open non-associated archive in panel.

Several plugins patched

  • All plugins now accepting the Always on Top option from Altap Salamander main window.
  • Horizontal scrolling supported using Shift+Mouse Wheel or mouse wheel tilt.

File Comparator plugin

  • New option "Auto-Copy Selection to Clipboard".
  • It is possible to drag and drop file names into edit boxes in the Compare Files dialog box.
  • Added support (by default ON) for converting Unicode text to Normalized Form C (i.e. composite characters converted to precomposed ones if such exist). Normaliz.dll, if present, is used for this. Normaliz.dll is part of Windows Vista, MSIE7, or Windows Media Player 11.
  • Better UTF16 detection.
  • Fixed GPF when files become equal after re-compare with changed options.
  • Wrong bigEndian endianness was sometimes still used when comparing as UTF8 after UTF16BE or UTF32BE was used.
  • Fixed GPF (or random behavior) in the "Show Only Differences" mode when the only difference is in EOL at EOF of one of the files.
  • Attempt to correctly select & display selected combining diacritics on XP+. (W2K - don't seem to support combining diacritics.) A better approach for full support even when not selecting is needed, probably removal of dependence on fixed-width font should made at the same time.
  • User defined encoding has higher priority than BOM, UTF16, and UTF8 detection.
  • The File Comparator window has the same size and position od Salamander's main window, including the maximized state.

FTP plugin

  • New Password Manager used to store passwords in Windows Registry. Option to use Master Password and strong AES-256 encryption.
  • Support for TLS FTP (also known as FTPS or FTPES with AUTH TLS). Needs libraries libssl32.dll and libeay32.dll from There are two new options in Connect to FTP Server > Advanced: "Encrypt control connection with TLS/SSL" and "Encrypt data connections (file transfers and directory listings) with TLS/SSL".
  • Support for ZLIB compression (MODE Z). New option in Configuration > Defaults and Connect to FTP Server > Advanced: "Compress data transfers if server supports compression (MODE Z)"
  • Ctrl+Right Click on edit line with password (Connect or Proxy dialog box) would reveal the password.
  • Listing cache and cache of viewed file are deleted when you close all FTP connections to the server.

7-ZIP plugin

  • Updated to 7z 4.65 of 02/03/2009
  • Better encrypted archives handling.
  • Improved error handling while extracting or testing corrupted archives.

TAR plugin

  • Added support for Debian packages .DEB
  • GZIP: files longer than 4GB before compression complained about premature EOF.
  • GZIP: if original file name contains ':', it is replaced with '_'.

Encrypt & Decrypt plugin

  • Fixed random deadlock while closing window Create a Key.

Eroiica plugin

  • Added support for Microsoft Print System Documents *.XPS (actually a ZIP file w/ a bunch of XML, JPG thumbnails and PNG rasters).
  • Added new items in the File menu: Focus, Select/Unselect, Delete.
  • Added new toolbar item: Select/Unselect.
  • Fixed memory leak on every ZIP-based document (OpenOffice, MS Office 2k7, XPS).
  • Thumbnail extraction from ZIP-based document was too much memory-hungry.

WinSCP plugin

Renamer plugin

  • Configuration: command can contain variables as $(SalDir) or environment variables for better Salamander portability.
  • Added stripping of diacritics

Registry Editor plugin

  • Configuration: command can contain variables as $(SalDir) or environment variables for better Salamander portability.

UnISO plugin

  • Added support for Apple Hierarchical File System Plus (HFS+): Hybrid UDF/HFS+, ISO/HFS+, ISO/UDF/HFS+ CD/DVD images, Apple disk image with HFS+ partition, Apple disk image with HFS partition with HFS+ partition wrapped inside, and Single HFS+ partition image.
  • Better "normalization" of names (removed trailing spaces, etc.)
  • Symbolic links marked as links to have overlay icons.
  • Supported ADC compression.
  • DMG: Extract only HFS/HFS+ partition to avoid dealing with EFI File System.
  • DMG: Better detection of uncompressed DMG, was misinterpreted as non-DMG disk image
  • DMG: HFS+: Pure HFS partition with wrapped HFS+ properly detected.
  • DMG: AES128-encrypted and BZIP2-compressed DMG files properly detected and rejected.
  • Embedded BootDisk images no longer have .img suffix but .ima, because our UnFAT plugin uses .ima and not .img (which is associated to UnISO).
  • Fixed detection of Joliet extension

PictView plugin

  • Digital camera raw images now also get auto-rotated in the viewer (the change affects at least some DNG, CR2, NEF and ORF files).

Network plugin

  • New options in plugin configuration: "Show administrative shares", "Show items from My Network Places at top level directory", "Show network computers at top level directory", "Scan network on start of Salamander".
  • Fixed network computers enumeration, all computers are visible.

DB Viewer plugin

  • New menu File > Other Files.
  • Added UTF8 and UTF16 parsers.
  • Improved heuristics for detecting separator in CSV.

Multimedia Viewer plugin

  • Fixed crash on W9X on UTF16 mp3 tags.
  • Fixed some mem leaks on UTF8 and UTF16 mp3 tags.
  • MP3, OGG: better support for UTF8 (MP3, OGG) and UTF16 (MP3).

UnMIME plugin:

  • Fixed extraction of filenames from .MHT created by MSIE7 or Win7 problem report creation tool.

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