Servant Salamander 2.5 RC1 Changelog

Release date: April 27, 2006


  • We are releasing Servant Salamander Release Candidate 1 with prolonged expiration limit, so we will not bother you with another installation procedure until the final version will arrive.
  • Servant Salamander 2.5 RC1 looks pretty stable now. Further development is freezed, only major problems will be fixed.
  • We are working on language translation support, help system, and documentation. You may notice that each plugin has own .SLG file with language dependent resources. Help system is working, each plugin has own help which is merged with main Servant Salamander help (not included in RC1). Now we have to write documentation for each plugin.
  • As soon as these tasks will be finished, we will release the RC2 version with language packs. We hope you will help us polish all language translations.
  • For Servant Salamander version 3.0 there will be feature-poll opened on our web site. Please keep posting your ideas to Official Support Forum available at

Servant Salamander core

  • You can unplug USB disk (using Unplug or Eject Hardware window) while disk is opened in Servant Salamander panel.
  • Thumbnails size can be adjusted at Options > Configuration > Appearance page.
  • Safer Servant Salamander configuration: there is a new confirmation message that should discourage users from shutting down computer while Servant Salamander is running. It should prevent the known problem with configurations lost and help until we will add support for text based configuration.
  • Long awaited User Menu update: active/inactive panel could be addressed. List of selected names could be passed to executed application. Newly available parameters: FullPathInactive, FullPathLeft, FullPathRight, FileToCompareLeft, FileToCompareRight, DirToCompareLeft, DirToCompareRight, FileToCompareActive, FileToCompareInactive, DirToCompareActive, DirToCompareInactive, ListOfSelectedNames.
  • Panel in Detailed mode: new "Smart Column Mode" for Name column (default on). This mode should minimize horizontal scrollbar usage. You can turn it off using Options > Configuration > Views or by right clicking the Name column.
  • Panel in Detailed mode: widths of fixed columns and "Automatic Column Width" settings are now separated for left and right panel.
  • Compare Directories: Size and Date+Time options are separated.
  • Custom plugins columns (for example size, date, time in FTP Client) now work correctly in Compare Directories, Make File List, Tiles mode.
  • Disk operations: long file names can be skipped (Skip, Skip All).
  • Better support for long directories/files names. You can View, Edit, Quick Rename, Copy to shorter paths.
  • Message boxes: Using Ctrl+C hotkey you can copy message box content to the Clipboard (as text).
  • Horizontal scrollbar position is not reset by panel refresh.
  • Mouse wheel is supported in shortened menus.
  • New menu item: Left(Right) > Sort By > Sort Options.
  • Panel in Detailed mode: new highlight mode. Try to turn on "Configuration > Appearance > Highlight focused row" option.
  • Small step to Servant Salamander portability: User Menu, Viewers, Editors, External Archivers has a new path variables $(SalDir), $(WinDir), $(SysDir). You can use "..": "$(SalDir)..\viewer\viewer.exe".
  • Window menu: Always On Top is moved above Close command.
  • Plugins, language translation support: language dependent resources are moved to separate .SLG files.

FTP Client plugin

  • Context menu on files/directories displayed in panel.
  • Download/upload: new button "Overwrite All" in "Target File Already Exists" dialog box.
  • Support for IBM iSeries/i5, AS/400.

PictView plugin

  • Added saving to G4-compressed Intergraph Raster Format, known as .CIT.
  • Fixed saving 32bit TGA files (entire image was marked as transparent).
  • Thumbnails correctly mirrored & rotated for TIFF, CALS & Intergraph formats.
  • Added reading of PNG-in-ICO for Windows Vista.
  • Added reading of thumbnails from CorelDraw! 13.0 *.CDR files.
  • Reading/saving comments for Intergraph format.
  • Information (F3) dialog box displays bit depth for TrueColor TIFF, PiNG, and PSD.
  • Alpha-channel support for ICO,PNG,TGA,TIF.

Eroiica Viewer plugin

  • Better support for encrypted PDF files.
  • Important fixes in reading PDF and (Encapsulated) PostScript files.
  • Added reading of 15bit rasters inside Macintosh PICT files.
  • Minor fixes in reading MS Word & Excel files.

UnISO plugin

  • Support for bridged ISO/UDF images
  • Roxio Creator Classic 7.1 *.c2d supported

Undelete plugin

  • Support for recovering files from disk images.
  • Support for disk volumes mounted to directory (Window 2000 and later).
  • Please try "Plugins > Undelete > Recover Deleted Files And Directories" on your disks (all FAT and NTFS partitions are supported) and let us know if you have troubles to open your volumes.
  • We are licensing standalone Undelete Library to software developers. Please visit for detailed information.

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