Altap Salamander 3.07 Changelog

Release date: June 28, 2016

  • Internal viewer: added Go To Offset command to menu View (Ctrl+G).
  • Support for OneDrive Business accounts.
  • OneDrive: fixed icon in Change Drive menu.
  • Updated paths to OneDrive and Dropbox directories.
  • OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.2h for security bug fixes.
  • Improved Windows 10 support.
  • Several major improvements in Windows shutdown handling. Solves problems involving corrupted Salamander configuration.
  • Finished French and Dutch translations.
  • Pack and Delete (move to archive): disabled for links to directories.
  • Junction points with read-only attribute could be deleted.
  • Find Files and Directories: directories in which you start the search cannot be ignored.
  • Archivers Autoconfiguration and Create Directory: fixed problems on too long paths.
  • Drive Information: added Volume mount point, Volume GUID path, and Bytes per cluster fields. Tab key can be used to focus desired fields.
  • Calculate Occupied Space: added 64KB, 128KB, and 256KB clusters.
  • Support for treating symbolic links to files like common files.
  • Improved handling of symbolic links in Convert, Find Files and Directories, and Email commands.
  • Find Files and Directories and Command Line: better long path shortener.
  • Improved plugins multithreading model during closing plugin, closing handles, or waiting for forced plugin shutdown.
  • Sanitized file name input in Copy and Move, Edit New File, Change Directory, Create Directory, and Quick Rename commands (beginning and trailing spaces and dots).
  • Internal Viewer: fixed several bugs in situation when viewed file changed and was reloaded.
  • Internal Viewer: fixed painting errors after changing font.
  • Better delete file handling when file has read-only attribute or is target of multiple hardlinks.
  • Cleaning old TEMP directory on Altap Salamander start: Focus button is available to review deleted files.

7-Zip plugin

  • 7-Zip engine upgraded to latest version 16.02. Solves several security issues.

Checksum plugin

  • Reading of directory tree in modeless window.
  • Several speed optimizations, plugin is now prepared for large directories.
  • Improved SVF, MD5, SH1 format detection.

Database viewer

  • Fixed random crash when viewed file changed.

Encrypt plugin

  • Clean Free Disk Space: New method "Zeros overwrite" fills free disk space. Use for example before backuping disk image to get smaller compressed output.
  • Support for volume mount points. It is possible to clean volume mounted to directory on another volume.
  • Symbolic links supported.
  • Warning message when attempt to shred files on SSD drive is detected.
  • Support for SUBST paths resolving.
  • Fixed handling of too long paths.

FTP Client plugin

  • Improved download speed.
  • Better OpenSSL DLL loading, should solve "not found" problems on some systems.
  • Several GUI fixes.

Internet Explorer Viewer

  • Rendering with current IE engine instead of Quirks mode.
  • Support for IE 11.
  • High DPI support, GPU acceleration.

Portable Executable Viewer

  • New PE Viewer configuration (in Options > Plugin Configuration). It is possible to choose which sections will be displayed.
  • Support for new subsystems.
  • Support for new flags in DLL Characteristics.
  • Added Load Configuration Directory dumper (for now only SecurityCookie /GS).
  • Added several parsers and dumpers: resource section parser, manifest, StringFileInfo, VS_FIXEDFILEINFO, .NET assembly, CLR header, target .NET Framework.


  • Support for scanning with WIA 1.0 from x64 Altap Salamander build.
  • Support for scanning multiple pages.
  • Several bug fixes in file name handling.
  • Fixed several bugs causing crashes (long file paths names, NULL handles, ...).

Renamer plugin

  • Improved stability: fixed long path handling.
  • Command Options > Last used now sets Include Subdirectories option.

Split and Combine plugin

  • Support for symbolic links.
  • Fixed handling of too long paths.

TAR plugin

  • Improved GZip archive handling.

Undelete plugin

  • exFAT support.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Support for undeleting partially recoverable files.
  • New options in Undelete dialog box: Show files with zero size, Show empty directories, and Show partition metadata.
  • Metafiles on FAT and exFAT.
  • Fixed problem with All Deleted Files virtual folder on FAT: different files with the same name were displayed just once.
  • Deleted overlay icons.
  • Fixed support for NTFS sparse files with sparse data runs within valid data runs.
  • Implemented context menu.
  • Data Runs encoding and decoding refactored.
  • NTFS: Support for 512B MFT resident clusters.
  • NTFS: support for compressed files encoded into multiple sparse runs inside one compression unit.
  • NTFS: reading of Bitmap is now included into progress.
  • NTFS and exFAT: improved (20x) bitmap reading speed.

ZIP plugin

  • Improved long path handling.
  • Improved support for zip64.
  • When packing symbolic links to files, packing progress was not shown properly.

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