Altap Salamander 3.08 Changelog

Release date: December 27, 2016

  • OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.2j for security bug fixes.
  • Go to Shortcut Target: added support for links (junction points, symbolic links). This command was renamed to Go to Shortcut or Link Target.
  • There is a new Focus button in error box displayed when disk operation cannot be finished because of too long name. It shows existing file or directory with too long name in source panel. Or it shows the file or directory that would cause too long name error (e.g. when copying it to longer target path).
  • When changing path in panel (Paste or Change Directory or drag&drop to Directory Line), file URL is translated to Windows path (e.g. file:///c|/WINDOWS to C:\WINDOWS).
  • Paste path to panel, Load Selection from clipboard to panel, and drag&drop path to Command Line and Directory Line from some applications (e.g. Google Chrome) has not worked properly because of stripped diacritics in transferred texts. Newly we are using unicode instead of multibyte strings to get these texts properly.
  • Drag&drop from Status Line and Directory Line to some applications (e.g. Google Chrome) has not worked properly because they expected strings in UTF-8 encoding instead of in active Windows code page. Newly we are using unicode to transfer these texts properly.
  • Internal Viewer: you can extend the selected block by mouse or keyboard. Use Shift key and left mouse click or arrows, Home, and End keys. Details are in help: Altap Salamander: Using Internal Viewer: Selecting Text.
  • Internal Viewer: Go To Offset command newly remembers last value of HEX check box.
  • Internal Viewer: tooltip in Hex mode shows offset in file in hex and newly also in decimal number.
  • Internal Viewer: when copying block bigger than 100MB to clipboard or starting drag&drop for such big block, warning that it will be slow is displayed and user can skip it.
  • Internal Viewer: several bug fixes.
  • File Overwrite confirmation window: besides file's size, date, and time are newly displayed also file's attributes.
  • Context menu commands: fixed losing of focus for some commands creating temporary file just for a while. This file was focused and then disappeared.

7-Zip plugin

  • 7-Zip engine upgraded to latest version 16.04.

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