Altap Salamander SDK

The Altap Salamander SDK is set of tools, documentation and code samples you need to create plugins (add-ons) that can run inside Altap Salamander.

What's new in 3.08 SDK

  • Sample plugins can be built in Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (C++).
  • Special SDK versions of Altap Salamander are supplied for x64 (64-bit) and x86 (32-bit) targets.
  • Project files of sample plugins use property sheets to make easier administration of all 6 targets (Debug x86+x64, Release x86+x64, and SDK x86+x64).
  • Using of special environment variables is optional. You can easily unpack SDK and directly build sample plugins.
  • Backward compatibility with 2.5x versions of Altap Salamander is broken. So you cannot load 2.5x plugins to Altap Salamander 3.08 and vice versa. This is mainly because of incompatible dynamic RTL (salrtl9.dll instead of salrtl.dll).

Sample Plugins

  • DemoMenu: it is really the simplest plugin possible, it only adds one item to Plugins menu, please do not hesitate and try to use it as base for your own menu extension plugins.
  • DemoView: simple base for your viewer plugins.
  • DemoPlug: it tries to show all functionality which can be provided by plugin. You can see how to implement archiver (packer / unpacker), file viewer, menu extension (add commands to Plugins menu), file system, and thumbnail loader. Moreover it contains samples for many methods from plugin interface.
  • UnFAT: source code of real plugin which is distributed with Altap Salamander. We believe you will find here most of needed techniques for building your own archiver plugins.

We recommend to use special SDK versions Altap Salamander 3.08 (SDK x64) and Altap Salamander 3.08 (SDK x86) which are available in SDK package to test your plugins because they contain debugging features and trace messages helpful for plugins development. Trace messages are collected by Altap Trace Server which is enclosed to both of these special versions of Altap Salamander and can be auto-started whenever you start these versions of Salamander. You can also log trace messages to file in TEMP directory, see Salamander's Window Menu (click on icon in upper left corner of main window).


  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (C++).
  • Or Delphi compiler with unofficial SDK for Delphi.
  • Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.3 as help compiler (optional).

Please read readme.txt and license.txt files in doc directory.

Note: due to lack of time the documentation is available only in Czech as comments in the header files.


Altap Salamander 3.08 SDK
Older SDK versions (incompatible with version 3.0):
Altap Salamander 3.07 SDK
Altap Salamander 2.54 SDK


For your questions and feedback please use discussion forum.