Temporary Files

You can enable and set up shredding of temporary copies of files from encrypted archives on this tab. See the Security Issues section in Working with Encrypted Archive for details.


Enable automatic shredding of temporary files
When checked, temporary copies are shredded. Otherwise they are only deleted, so they can be easily undeleted by anyone (it means access to your sensitive data without any password or key file).
Temporary files directory
Temporary copies of files from encrypted archives are placed to this directory. Suitable place for this directory is e.g. your USB stick (you can keep it on some secure place), or some small FAT partition which can be periodically shredded (see Cleaning Disk Free Space). NTFS partitions are not suitable for this directory because they have problem with shredding small files (smaller than around 1024 bytes), see Show warning "Shredding problem with small files on NTFS" on the Shredding tab in the Configuration dialog.
Shredding method, Number of passes
Select the shredding method and number of its passes for shredding of temporary copies of files from encrypted archives. See the Shredding Methods section in How It Works for details.