Create Key

Use this dialog to create a key file. See How It Works for details on key files.


Indicator of collected unpredictable values
To create the key file the plugin needs to collect unpredictable values to seed the random number generator. If the indicator is not full, move mouse pointer randomly or press any keys until it's full.
Use an additional password to protect the key
When checked, the key file will be protected (encrypted) by chosen password. We recommend it whenever your key file is stored on media which is not kept in a secret place (e.g. your fixed disk is not considered to be a secret place).
Enter a password
Type the password for protecting of key file here.
Again to confirm
Type the password for protecting of key file again to detect possible typing errors.
Hide typing of passwords
When checked, you will type the passwords invisibly (same color of text and its background). No one can read such passwords from your screen, unfortunately neither you, so to avoid typing errors you need to type the same password again (the plugin compares both passwords and warns if they are different). When not checked, typing of passwords is visible, so you can check them against typing errors. Use this only when you are sure that no one else can read passwords from your screen.
Key comment (optional)
Key comment is stored as plain text (not encrypted), so anyone can read it from key file.

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