Use this tab to customize general parameters of the plugin. See Configuring Plugins for general information about configuration.


Confirm files selection before launching File Comparator
When checked, the Compare Files dialog is displayed before opening File Comparator window. You can check the pair of files you are going to compare and also set compare options in this dialog.
Number of context lines to show if only differences are viewed
When you are using File Comparator with Show Only Differences turned on (see Showing Only Differences for details), this is the number of lines displayed before and after the each shown difference.
Tab size
The width of tab character specified in the number of space characters.
White space character
The character used for visualization of space character (see Showing White Spaces for details).
Show detailed differences by default
When checked, the File Comparator window opens with Detailed Differences turned on (see Showing Detailed Differences for details).
Split file view horizontally
When checked, the File Comparator window opens with first file file shown in the upper half of the window and the second file in the lower half, instead of showing them in the left and right halves of the window.
File view font
The font used for text of compared files in the File Comparator window.
Load plugin on Altap Salamander start
When checked, the plugin is loaded on start of Altap Salamander.