Configuring Plugins

Some plugins have configuration dialogs where you can customize their behavior. You can configure all these plugins from menu Options/Plugin Configuration. You can also use the Plugins Manager dialog box, see the Configure button.

Loading and Saving Configuration

Plugin's configuration is stored together with Salamander's configuration in the registry (see Configuring Altap Salamander).

Plugin reads its configuration from the registry on its load (when you first use the plugin). Plugin saves its configuration to the registry when you unload it (see the Plugins Manager dialog box, the Unload button) or when it's unloaded on exit of Salamander (only if Save configuration on exit is checked in Configuration/General). If you want to save all loaded plugins' configuration, you can also use command Options/Save Configuration (it saves also Salamander's configuration).


Plugins configuration is stored in the Windows Registry: 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Altap\Altap Salamander X\Plugins Configuration\PLUGIN-NAME', where X is Altap Salamander version and PLUGIN-NAME is name of plugin.

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