Comparing Files from Other Applications

You can use File Comparator plugin from other applications, e.g. Tortoise Hg or Tortoise SVN. Use supplied fcremote.exe utility to start Altap Salamander if it is not running and then to open new File Comparator window with two specified files to compare.

To compare files specified by other application:

  1. Go to File Comparator plugin's directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\Altap Salamander\plugins\filecomp.
  2. Find fcremote.exe utility.
  3. Use Copy Path + Name as Text command (Alt+Insert key) on fcremote.exe to copy full name of fcremote.exe to clipboard.
  4. Paste full name of fcremote.exe to application and give it two parameters with files to compare. If you need fcremote.exe to wait for closing File Comparator window (applications use it as a signal to remove temporary copies of compared files), use option -w before two files to compare.

Example: Using File Comparator plugin from Tortoise Hg:

  1. Open your mercurial.ini file in text editor. You can do it e.g. from Tortoise Hg Settings dialog, click Edit File button.
  2. Find section [tortoisehg], add line:
    vdiff = MySalDiff
  3. Find section [merge-tools], add lines:
    MySalDiff.executable=C:\Program Files\Altap Salamander\plugins\filecomp\fcremote.exe
    MySalDiff.diffargs=-w $parent $child

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