Comparing Files

The File Comparator plugin allows you to visually compare text and binary files. It shows you the differences between files side-by-side.

To compare files:

  1. You can specify two files for comparison directly in panels or enter their names in the Compare Files dialog. This dialog is displayed only if Confirm files selection before launching File Comparator is checked (see General tab in Configuration dialog).

    How to specify two files for comparison in panels:
    1. select both files in one panel,
    2. select first file in left panel and then select second file in right panel,
    3. select first file and then focus the second file in one panel,
    4. select first file in left panel and then focus second file in right panel (and vice versa),
    5. if you have files with the same name in both panels, focus first file in one panel and second file with the same name will be taken from opposite panel.
  2. Open the Compare Files dialog (or directly open the File Comparator window if this dialog is suppressed):
    Menu:Plugins/File Comparator/Compare Files...
    Shortcut key:Ctrl+Shift+C
    File Comparator menu:File/Compare...
    File Comparator shortcut key:Ctrl+O
  3. Choose the OK button to open the File Comparator window.

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