Connect to FTP Server

Use this dialog to open new connection to FTP server. You can store your favourite FTP servers to FTP bookmarks and use these bookmarks to quickly access these servers.


List of FTP Bookmarks
Contains the list of your FTP bookmarks. When you focus a bookmark, its parameters are shown in the rest of the dialog (e.g. Address, User Name, and Initial Path). If you do not want to use a bookmark, focus the Quick Connect item (it is always the first item) in this list. Right click on a bookmark (or use the Shift+F10 key) to open the context menu with available commands. Use drag&drop (or Move Up/Down commands) to change order of bookmarks.
Specify the FTP server address. It can be IP address or name address. Use the drop-down list to select previously used address. You can also enter the URL address here (format ftp://user:password@server:port/path), it will be split to user name, password, server address, port number, and initial path (when the edit box loses focus).
Initial path
Specify the initial path on the FTP server. When you connect to this server, the FTP client will try to change the working directory to this path. If you do not want to use it, leave it empty.
Anonymous login
When checked, the FTP client will try to login anonymously to the FTP server (user anonymous, password should be your email address, see Password for anonymous connections in Configuration/General). Otherwise, the FTP client will try to login using your user name and password.
User name, Password, Save password, and Unlock
Specify your user name and password here. You can also leave one or both of these edit boxes empty, the FTP client will ask you to enter these values if the FTP server will require them during login procedure. If you want to save the password to the bookmark, check the Save password check box. IMPORTANT: You should protect your saved passwords by the Master Password otherwise they can be easily displayed in this dialog or decrypted by malicious software that have infiltrated your computer, see Using Password Manager for more information about saved passwords and related security risks. The Unlock button is displayed when you need to enter the Master Password to access the password. To clear the inaccessible password use the Clear Password command from drop-down menu on the Unlock button. To show the password hold the Ctrl key and right click to the Password edit box.
Use this button to open the Advanced Options dialog box. Advanced options are displayed in brief in the box behind the Advanced button (just for quick preview).
New, Rename, and Remove
Use these buttons to manage bookmarks. The New button allows you also to copy parameters from the focused bookmark (duplicate bookmark).
Use this button to open new connection to the FTP server (parameters of this server are currently displayed in the dialog box). All changes in bookmarks will be kept.
Use this button to close this dialog box without connecting to any FTP server. All changes in bookmarks will be kept. If you want to lose changes made in bookmarks, click the Cancel button.

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