Use this tab to change the general behavior of the FTP Client plugin. See Configuring Plugins for general information about configuration.


Show window with welcome message from server after connect
Clear this check box if you do not want to see a window with a welcome message from the FTP server immediately after you connect to it. The message contains communication between the client and server up to successful login reply from server (you can find this communication also in the FTP log). Usually this message contains general rules on the server, number of connected clients, etc.
Accept hex escape sequences in paths (known from web browsers, e.g. "%20" to " ")
When checked, hex escape sequences are accepted (known from web browsers, e.g. "%20" to " ") in the Address box in the Connect to FTP Server dialog box. Otherwise these sequences are ignored (not translated).
Close operation dialog automatically when operation is successfully finished in untouched dialog
When checked, the Operation dialog box is closed automatically when operation is successfully finished and you are not working with this dialog box (e.g. click some buttons or even only change focus). It closes this dialog box only if there is nothing important to see in it. Otherwise, you always have to close this dialog box manually.
Open Solve Error dialogs for errors automatically if operation dialog is idle
When checked, the plugin opens automatically the Solve Error dialog boxes. It opens these dialog boxes for all errors one by one and only if you are not currently working in the Operation dialog box. It should simplify error handling in the Operation dialog box. Otherwise, you have to open Solve Error dialog boxes manually (using the Solve Error button).
Password for anonymous connections (your e-mail)
You can specify your email address here. It is used as a password for annomynous connections to public FTP servers (they usually require it but do not check it).