Set New Attributes

Allows you to set new access rights (attributes) to the file or directory on Unix FTP servers. To display this dialog use the Set New Attributes command in the Some of Existing Attributes Cannot be Preserved dialog box (it is one of Solve Error dialog boxes).


Path, Name
Specifies the file or directory to which you are setting new access rights (attributes).
Current attributes
Shows the current access rights (attributes) of the file or directory.
Owner: Read, Write, Execute (Access)
Group: Read, Write, Execute (Access)
Others: Read, Write, Execute (Access)
Specify new access rights for owner, group, and others. When checked, the right will be set. When cleared, the right will be cleared.
Numeric value
You can also set access rights using their octal representation. First digit is for owner rights, second for group rights, and third for others rights. Numerical values for rights are these: 1 = Execute (Access), 2 = Write, 4 = Read. For example: "640" means read and write for owner, read for group, and no rights for others.
Set New Attributes
Click on this button to set new access rights (attributes).
Use these attributes in operations with the same error now
Select this check box if you want to set the same access rights (attributes) in all operations (see the Operations listview in Operation dialog box) which are currently in the same error state (error: some of existing attributes cannot be preserved). Note: this will not apply to operations which will get to the same error state in the future.