Test of Parser

Use this dialog to test if rules for parsing are working properly. Click the Test Parser button in the Edit Server Type dialog box to open this dialog. See Getting Lists of Files and Directories from FTP Servers for details on rules for parsing.


Raw listing
Contains the plain text listing from the FTP server which should be parsed. You can paste here (from the clipboard) a sample of the raw listing which you need to test. You can also change the listing manually to test all needed variants.
Act as if raw listing is incomplete (terminated)
When checked, the listing is considered to be incomplete. Use this mode if you want to test your parser behaviour for incomplete listings. Otherwise the listing is considered to be complete.
Parse Raw Listing
Click this button to start parsing of the listing.
Read Raw Listing from File
Use this button to read a listing from a file. The listing is displayed in the Raw listing edit box.
Results of parsing
Contains results of parsing. These lines will be displayed in panel. When you click on a line, the part of the listing used to get this line will be selected in the Raw listing edit box.

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