Edit Server Type

Use this dialog to edit a server type. Use the Edit button in Configuration/Servers to open this dialog. See Getting Lists of Files and Directories from FTP Servers for details on server types.


Autodetect condition
Specify the autodetect condition. Click on the button behind this edit box to open context menu with available operators and functions.
Columns in panel
Contains the list of defined columns. These columns are displayed in panel when the listing is parsed with this server type. If you want to hide some column in panel, clear the check box before its identifier in the list. Double click the column to edit it in the Edit Column dialog box. Right click the column to open the context menu with available commands.
New, Edit, Remove, and Move Up/Down
Use these buttons to add new column, edit or delete existing column, and change order of columns.
Rules for parsing of listing
Specify rules for parsing. Right click to open the context menu with available functions, state variables, and operators.
Test Parser
Use this button to open the Test of Parser dialog box. In this dialog box you can test if specified rules for parsing are working properly.

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