Capturing Screen

This command allows you to capture the screen (take a screenshot). The resulting image is opened in the viewer, so it can be saved to disk easily.

You can choose what to capture (entire screen, foreground window, etc.), shortcut key or timer for capturing, and whether also the mouse cursor should be captured.

For simple screenshots placed to the clipboard you can also use Windows shortcut keys. The first is the Print Screen (or PrtScn) key for copying the entire screen to the clipboard. The second is Alt+Print Screen (or Alt+PrtScn) key for copying only the active window to the clipboard. Then you can use the View Bitmap from Clipboard command to open this image in PictView viewer.

To capture the screen:

  1. Open the Screen Capture dialog box:
    Menu:Plugins/PictView/Screen Capture...
    Viewer menu:File/Screen Capture...
    Viewer shortcut key:Q
  2. Select what you want to capture.
  3. Set keyboard shortcut or timer for capturing.
  4. Choose if to include mouse cursor.
  5. Click the Capture button.
  6. Arrange your windows and mouse pointer before capturing.
  7. Use the selected keyboard shortcut or wait for the timer.
  8. The captured result will be displayed in a PictView viewer window: it will be the same window if the capture was invoked from an existing PictView window, or a new PictView window will be opened if it was invoked from the Plugins menu. The Save As command from the File menu can be used to save this picture to disk.

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