Screen Capture

Use this dialog to capture the screen (take a screenshot or snapshot).


Capture: Full screen
Captures the full screen.
Capture: Foreground application
Captures the parent visible window of the foreground application. All child windows (like floating toolbars and palettes or modal dialogs) are captured as long as they are inside the rectangle of the parent window. They are clipped, if not.
Capture: Foreground window
Captures the foreground window.
Capture: Client area of foreground window
Captures the client area of the foreground window.
Capture: Virtual screen (for multiple monitors)
Captures the virtual screen which consists of all attached monitor screens.
Capture Trigger: Hot key
Specify the hot key you want to use to make the capture - the screen is captured when this key combination is pressed.
Capture Trigger: Timer
Specify timer for capturing. The timer starts when the Capture button is clicked. The screen is captured when the timer elapses.
Include mouse cursor
When checked, the captured image will contain also the mouse pointer (if the mouse pointer is inside the captured area). Otherwise the mouse cursor is not captured.

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