Selecting Photos

If you decide to get your photos printed at a photo lab, you will need to select appropriate image files (photos) and burn them to CD or upload them directly to the photo lab. Here are some tips for easy selecting of image files in the directory:

  • Use the View command from the panel to open the first photo in the viewer.
  • Maximize the viewer window to better see your photos.
  • Use the Space key for viewing next photo, or the Backspace key for viewing previous photo. If you want to view next or previous selected photo, use the Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Backspace key. See more in Opening Previous or Next File from Panel or Find Window.
  • Use the Insert key in the viewer to select (if not selected) or unselect (if selected) the current image file in the panel. You can see if the photo is selected on toolbar button Select/Unselect Opened File in Panel or Find Window. See more in Selecting File in Panel or Find Window.
  • When you finish selecting, just close the viewer and work with selected image files in the panel.