Changing the Name of File or Directory

This command allows you to quickly rename single file or directory.

To rename the file or directory:

  1. Focus the file or directory you want to rename.
  2. Open the Quick Rename dialog box.
    Menu:Files/Quick Rename...
    Context menu:Right-click file or directory and choose Rename.
    Shortcut key:F2
    Toolbar:Choose the Quick Rename button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.
  3. In the Rename to box of the Quick Rename dialog box, type the new name.
  4. Choose the OK button.


You can also rename the file or directory directly in the panel when you click it when it is already focused. If you need to focus it first, wait a moment between two clicks or you will double-click the item and it causes opening of the file or directory. See Rename by slowly clicking the name twice option in Configuration/Panels.

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