Saving and Loading Selection

Saving selection allows to use the selection again in the same directory or in a different directory. The selection is saved to a selection memory (only for use inside Salamander) or to the clipboard (it is saved as plain text, so you can use it in text editors, etc.). The saved selection can be used in both panels.

When you want to use a previously saved selection, you can load the selection into the panel. The current selection in panel can be canceled or kept. If you want to keep it, you can add, subtract, or make intersection with the loaded selection.

To save selection:

Menu:Edit/Advanced/Save Selection
Shortcut key:Ctrl+Shift+F5

To load selection:

Menu:Edit/Advanced/Load Selection
Shortcut key:Ctrl+Shift+F6


These commands are handy if you want to make a couple of operations (e.g. convert character set or line ends, change case of names, and pack to archive) on chosen subset of files and directories (each operation removes selection, so you need to restore selection before next operation, see also Restore Selection in Selecting Files and Directories). You can use these commands also when you compare two directories and need to select same files and directories in both panels (e.g. to compare their total sizes or to see if they all exist in both panels - if not, numbers of selected items in panels will be different).

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