Operation Masks

Some Altap Salamander operations, such as Copy, Move, or Rename, support entering of operation mask. Operation mask is appended behind the target path.

Operation masks can contain special characters - asterisk (*) for the rest of the name or the extension and question mark (?) for a single character. So the operation mask 'new_*.???' will generate names which begin with 'new_' followed with the rest of the original name (from the fifth character to the end), and end with (.) followed with three characters from the original extension.

Operation masks are usually used for simpler operations like changing extensions in the group of files (you can use '*.html' for renaming .htm files to .html files, etc.).

If you need more sophisticated renaming or moving, consider using of Renamer plugin.

Operation Masks Containing More Points

The mask is divided by the first point (from the left side) to mask for name and mask for extension. Example: filename is "a.b.c.d" (name is "a.b.c", extension is "d"), mask is "*.*.old", mask is divided to "*" and "*.old", resulting filename is "a.b.c.d.old" ("a.b.c" + "*" = "a.b.c"; "d" + "*.old" = "d.old").

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