Deleting Files and Directories

When you delete a directory, all of its subdirectories and files are deleted.

To delete a file or directory:

  1. Select the files and directories you want to delete.
  2. Choose Delete command:
    Context menu:Right-click selected files and directories and choose Delete.
    Shortcut key:F8 or Delete
    Toolbar:Choose the Delete button on the Top, Middle, or Bottom toolbar.

Files and directories may be either removed from your disk as soon as you delete them or may be stored in the Recycle Bin. See Configuration/Recycle Bin.

If you use F8 or Delete key with Shift modifier key, you will invert (flip) usage of Recycle Bin (if Delete key doesn't send files to Recycle Bin, Shift+Delete key does and vice versa).


On drives formatted to use the Windows NT file system (NTFS), you must have permission to delete a file or directory.

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