Sorting Panel Contents

When you first start Altap Salamander, panel contents is listed alphabetically, with directories first, followed by filenames. You can sort the files and directories by name, extension, size, the date when the file or directory was last modified, or attributes. Sorting files and directories affects only the panel content. Sorting order is stored in Altap Salamander configuration.

Files and directories ("items") can be sorted in ascending or descending order. To reverse the sorting order, choose again the same sorting command.

To sort panel content:

Menu:From Left or Right menu select Sort By submenu and choose required sort criteria.
Shortcut key:Press Ctrl+F3 to sort by name, Ctrl+F4 to sort by extension, Ctrl+F5 to sort by date, and Ctrl+F6 to sort by size
Mouse:To sort items by name, extension, size, date, or attributes, click the appropriate column heading above the items list. See Header Line. This option is available only when panel is switched to the detailed mode.
Toolbar:Choose the appropriate sorting button in the Top or Middle toolbar or in the Left and Right panel toolbars.


You can customize sorting in Configuration/Panel, see the Sorting section.

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