Changing View Mode

The file content can be displayed as text (the Text view mode) or as hexadecimal values (the Hex view mode) in the viewer. The viewer can autodetect text files and display them as text while all other (binary) files are displayed as hexadecimal values. You can prevent possible autodetection problems by forcing Text or Hex view mode for specified files (see Force Text mode for files and Force Hex mode for files options in Configuration/Internal Viewer).

Use the following commands:

  • Auto-Select: if checked, the viewer tries to autodetect if the file contains only text and should be displayed in the Text view mode (if not, it is displayed in the Hex view mode),
  • Hex (the Ctrl+H or F4 key) and Text (the Ctrl+T or F5 key): currently used view mode is checked, you can also change the view mode by selecting one of these items,
  • Set as Default: use this command to set the current view mode as default for all future viewing (it also turns off Auto-Select).


In the Text view mode, the file content is divided to text lines. You can choose what types of line endings should be accepted, see Line Ends option in the Configuration/Internal Viewer.

In the Hex view mode, the file content is divided to 16 bytes long lines. The first displayed number is line offset (in hexadecimal number). The line content (up to 16 bytes) follows, first as hexadecimal values and then also as text.