Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the Altap Self-Extractor dialog box?
Yes, ZIP Plugin and Zip2Sfx provide you options for customizing the dialog box. You can set dialog box title, text in the dialog box and the text of the button which start the extraction. You can also add custom icon in the dialog box. See Self-Extractor Texts dialog for details.

Is it possible to change Extract to directory when running self-extracting archive even if the archive was created with an option disabling change of Extract to folder or with an option causing automatic start of extraction?
Yes. User can run self-extracting archive with command line option -s which cause start of self-extracting archive in safe mode. See Self-Extractor Command Line Parameters for details.

What is sfx package?
Sfx package is a file with extension .sfx. It contains Altap Self-Extractor executable and language dependent data like text in the main dialog. Data from sfx package are used when creating self-extracting archive.

Where are stored sfx packages?
Sfx packages are stored in plugins\zip\sfx subdirectory of the Altap Salamander's installation directory.