After years of using Altap Salamander I can still say that I do not miss Norton Commander I always 'carry' an installed version on my USB drive wherever I go. It’s great and greater.

Hans Hallebeek


I've tried all the dual- and quad- pane file managers over the years. And I always come back to Altap. I think I started using Salamander at v1.5, if memory serves. It's just perfect. Thanks for doing good work.

Theron Davis


There are many dual pane file & folder management utilities available, and Altap Salamander is clearly the best of them all. Keep up the good work!

Bob Thorsen


Been a fan of the two pane layout from the Norton Commander and up. Through the years I have tried most of its successors, and found Salamander to be the best.

Henrik Carlsen


I have been using Salamander since 1999 and I have never looked back. I am a developer and I find it is one of the most useful tools as a developer I can have. It allows me to quickly crack open WARS and JARS for Java development, quickly grab screenshots for documentation, quickly zip folders for deployment... I could go on for days. 

Other developers are constantly fascinated how efficient I get jobs done but I have to thank Salamander for some of that. I have had 3 of my clients purchase Salamander licenses and I recommend it to everyone.



Salamander is the first application that starts with my system and the last that I close when shutting down. This is really a must have, all tools are included for a day to day work.

Frederic Lhoest


Altap Salamander is undoubtedly the best file manager for IT professionals dealing with the inner workings of Windows. Salamander takes you places that Windows Explorer will never let you near. 

Salamander maneuvers through the hide-and-seek games played by Windows 7 virtualization with ease; is not subject to typical file permission issues in Windows 7 & Vista (when running at admin level). Since finding Salamander in early 2008, I have used it in lieu of Windows Explorer and could not do my job as effectively without it.

J. C. Griffith


I recently started using Salamander again after having first used it in the 90's. I'm very pleased to have gone back to it as I find it much more convenient to use than the typically encountered file managers. The way it uses two panes in one fixed view makes it real easy to navigate and move, copy and paste files between two folders, especially for those who prefer quick keystrokes and short cuts as opposed to slow mouse movements.

Hilgard Nel


I have been using Servant Salamander for almost 3 years now, and I think it's the best thing that happened to computers since the old 'Norton Commander'. Well, until now. 

How do you improve on perfection? SS 2.5, of course!!!

I have just downloaded Ver 2.5, and within 10 minutes of using it, I'm REALLY impressed. The move/copy process that runs in the background is FANTASTIC! I don't know if it's merely my imagination, but the whole interface seems faster as well. What is neat is that I could use my 2.0 registration key.

Servant Salamander makes Microsoft Windows tolerable for me, and I can't imagine my life without it. I do computer music, and have to manage large amounts and volumes of files every day. Without Servant Salamander my life would be a nightmare!

Thank you very much.

Pieter Grobler


Congratulations, after more than 10 years, this is still one of my most used programs!

Bernard Vander Beken


Your software is an absolute invaluable tool. I cant imagine how people can work without Salamander.

Matthias Paul


Altap Salamander is a great product - I love it. I have been using Norton Commander for years but not any longer...

Michael J Kenny


I have been using Salamander for a couple weeks now. What a wonderful product. I have tried a number of Windows Explorer replacements over many years and finally found one that meets my expectations. Thank you.

Richard Harding


Keep up workin on this excellent software! There's no better filemanager worldwide in my eyes - wished such a tool would be also available on Mac, I'm primarily working with.

Harry Boldt


Someone told me that if I tried Servant Salamander for a week I'd never be able to go back and they were absolutely right. Probably the best $20 I've spent in a long time!
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Scott Noone


Thanks for a GREAT product. This is my second order just to support you work. Can't live with out Salamander (Got hooked with Norton Commander for DOS). Looked at other dual-pane managers but you have the most real functionality and ease-of-use. Can you believe some don't support the '..' up dir use? They make you use the mouse to go up a dir...it's crazy.

Bob Thiele


I just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed by Servant Salamander 2.5 Beta 2. I've always been a big fan and evangelist of your software (since early 1.x's) and I thought you can't add useful stuff over 2.0. I was wrong -- I love the new features!

Keep up the good work, you're doing a fantastic job with Servant Salamander!

Peter Karsai