7-Zip Configuration

Use this dialog box to setup the 7-Zip plugin. See Configuring Plugins for general information about configuration.


Display dialog box with extended options before packing
When checked, the plugin displays the Create New Archive dialog box (or Add Files to Archive dialog box if the archive already exists) before each pack operation to a 7-Zip archive. You can specify options for packing in this dialog (compression and encryption settings).
Show extended info when listing archive: Packed, Method
When checked, you can choose if you want to display any of the following columns in panel: Packed (packed size of file) and Method (compression method). Checked columns will be displayed in the panel.
Compression level
Choose the compression level. You can use one of the following values:
StoreNo compression is used, files are just stored in archive in its original size.
FastestVery fast compression with relatively low compression ratio.
FastFast compression.
NormalRecommended level of compression.
MaximumBetter compression, but it is slower and needs more memory.
UltraBest compression, but it is even slower and needs even more memory.
Compression method
Select the compression method. You can use one of the following methods:
LZMA7-Zip's default compression method. It provides high compression ratio and very fast decompression.
PPMdDmitry Shkarin's PPMdH algorithm with small changes. Usually it provides high compression ratio and high speed for text files.
Dictionary size
Enter the dictionary size for the compression method. The higher dictionary size means the better compression, but it is slower and needs more memory. Memory use for LZMA compressing is about 10 times the dictionary size. Memory use for LZMA decompressing is close to the dictionary size. Memory use for PPMd compressing and decompressing is almost equal to the dictionary size.
Word size
Enter the length of words, which will be used to find identical sequences of bytes for compression. For LZMA, big word size usually gives a little bit better compression ratio and slower compression process. Big word size parameter can significantly increase compression ratio in case when files contain long identical sequences of bytes. For PPMd word size has a big meaning. It strongly affects both compression ratio and compression/decompression speed.
Create solid archive
When checked, all files will be compressed as one continuous data stream. It usually improves compression ratio.