Change Directory dialog box

Use this dialog box to change the current directory of the active panel.

Dialog Box Options

Change directory to
Type the name for the directory you want to change to. Name can be entered as full or relative disk path, archive path, or plugin file system path.
Browse Menu (click the button behind the Change directory to field)
Use the Browse item to display the Browse dialog box in which you can select a directory on disk you want to change to. Use the Left/Right Panel Path item to change directory to the directory currently opened in left/right panel. You can also change directory to any Hot Path, use Hot Paths items from this menu.
Send path directly to plugin
If you have plugin file system opened in the active panel, you can select this check box to send the specified path directly to the plugin instead of analyzing this path (e.g. if you have directory "c:\" on your Unix FTP server, you can change path to this directory instead of changing path to root of the C: drive).

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