Setting Column Width

The detailed and types views and your own detailed views can contain any of standard columns - name, extension, DOS name, size, type, last write date, last write time, and attributes. Each column in each view in each panel has its own width. The column width can be of three types - automatic, automatic in smart mode, or fixed.

The column with automatic width changes its width according to the currently longest value in column (all values in columns are fully visible).

The automatic column width in smart mode can be set only to name column and differs from automatic width in trying to minimize horizontal scrolling in panel. It should eliminate hiding of other columns behind panel right edge in case of one very long name in panel (when name column with automatic width is wider than panel). It means that name column can be narrowed (longest names in column may be truncated) to make all other columns visible.

The column with fixed width has one specified width for all possible values, so some longer values may be truncated.

You can set type of column width in right-click context menu on the column in the Header line of panel - item Automatic Column Width (selected = automatic width, cleared = fixed width) and item Smart Column Mode (selected = automatic width in smart mode, cleared = automatic or fixed width). You can also toggle Smart Mode by clicking on the Smart Mode button on Top or Middle toolbar or on Left and Right panel toolbars.

To change the width of the column with fixed width use mouse drag on right side of the column in the Header line. If you want to set column width in pixels, see Configuration/Views (menu: Options/Configuration/Views).

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