Selecting Current View

Currently we offer six types of views: brief, detailed, icons, thumbnails, tiles, and types. The brief view shows only icons and names. The detailed view shows icons, names, DOS names, sizes, types, last write date&time, and attributes. The icons view shows bigger icons (32 x 32 pixels) and names. The thumbnails view shows thumbnails (small previews of pictures, drawings, and documents, the size of thumbnails can be set on Configuration/Appearance) and names. The tiles view shows even bigger icons (48 x 48 pixels in Windows XP and later, 32 x 32 on prior versions of Windows), names, sizes, and last write date&time. The types view is detailed view with visible types column.

You can change parameters of detailed and types views and define your own detailed views, see Configuration/Views (menu: Options/Configuration/Views).

To change view in the left panel use menu Left - menu items Brief, Detailed, Icons, Thumbnails, Tiles, Types, and names of your own views (if any). To change view in the right panel use menu Right (same items as in menu Left).

You can also use the Alt+2 key (brief view), the Alt+3 key (detailed view), the Alt+4 key (icons view), the Alt+5 key (thumbnails view), the Alt+6 key (tiles view) the Alt+7 key (types view), the Alt+8 key (first of your own views), ..., the Alt+0 key (last of you own views).

To change view using mouse hold the Alt key and rotate the Mouse Wheel.

To change the view in the panel you can also use the Views button on the Top, Middle, or panel toolbar.

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