Use this dialog box to combine all parts back to the original file and check the resulting file for transfer errors (using CRC checksum).


Partial files, Up, Down, Add, and Remove
Contains all parts of original file. You can order these parts, use Up and Down buttons. You can also add and remove these parts, use Add and Remove buttons. Parts are joined to original file in the same order as they are displayed in this list.
Calculates CRC checksum of joined parts and checks it with the original file CRC (if available - it's stored in generated .bat file). Use this to find out if you have properly ordered parts of original file. This CRC test is made always when combining parts to original file (after you choose the OK button), so you need not to test it using this button explicitly.
Combine to
Specifies a filename of the resulting file. See Split & Combine Configuration for options related to generating of this filename.

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