Undelete Configuration

You can customize Undelete plugin in this dialog. See Configuring Plugins for general information about configuration.


Alternative temporary directory for viewing files
Deleted files being viewed must first be recovered to a temporary directory (usually located on the system disk, e.g. C:\). Since volumes containing deleted files should not be written to, an alternative temporary directory located on a different volume must be used when viewing deleted files on the system disk. You will automatically be asked to specify the alternate directory the first time it is needed.
Always reuse previous cluster scan information on FAT
The Undelete plugin is looking for directories also in the vacant clusters of FAT volumes. If you use the Refresh command to analyze the volume again, you can skip this scanning as it usually takes a long time.
Do not warn when undeleting to the same logical disk
Select this option if you want to take the risk of overwriting some parts of deleted files and directories by recovering them to the same volume. It is possible to damage even the same file you are just recovering, so this option is not recommended. See Introduction for details on the principles of recovering.
Do not warn before undeleting encrypted files to FAT or exFAT
FAT and exFAT volumes do not support encrypted files, so it is not possible to fully recover NTFS encrypted files to them. It is however possible to store the encrypted files in a raw (backup) format, see Restoring Encrypted Files from Backup for details on further processing of these files.