Create New Archive Dialog

This dialog is displayed just before the packing to ZIP archive starts (Pack or Copy command). This dialog is labeled as Add Files to Archive when adding files to an existing archive (i.e. using the Copy command). You can specify here the packing options. Packing starts immediately with the default settings when showing of this dialog is disabled in the ZIP plugin configuration.

Dialog Box Options

Create multi-volume archive
Allows you to create multi-volume (spanned) archive. Archive file is splitted into several files (volumes) with specified maximal size. Typical usage: storing files to removable media (floppy disk, CD-ROM, etc.). ZIP plugin enables you also to create multi-volume archive stored on the fixed disk (with sequential filenames, see below).
Volume size
Maximal size of archive volume. If you select automatic ZIP plugin will detect free space on each inserted medium on target path and set volume maximal size according to this space.
Name files sequentially
Allows you to add a volume number to each archive volume. If you are packing to the fixed drive, this option is necessary because it is impossible to store multiple files with the same name to the same directory.
Note: not all zip archivers support multiple volume ZIP archives stored on the fixed disks or archives with sequential naming.
Create self-extracting archive
Enables you to create archive which can unpack itself. For more details see Self-Extracting Archives.
Displays Self-Extractor Settings dialog.
Encrypt files
Enables file encryption. This option does not affect files which are already in the archive.
Encryption Method
The ZIP plugin supports 2 different encryption schemes. The legacy ZIP 2.0 method is nowadays considered weak (experts say they need less than two hours on a Pentium 500Mhz with 128MB and it is not dependent on the password length). The second scheme supported is the modern Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with 2 lengths of keys - 128 bits and 256 bits. The longer key delivers better security on the expense of slightly longer encryption and decryption times. The key is generated from the user-provided password using the algorithm described in the RFC2898 document.
Warning: While virtually any software capable of dealing with ZIP archives can extract files encrypted with the legacy method, not every software can deal with AES-encrypted archives.
Warning: to achieve good security, it is highly recommended to use long passwords (more than 30 characters) mixing digits, lower-case and upper-case characters and other non-alphabetical symbols, such as colon.
You may also use the Encrypt plugin if you need higher level of security for your files.
Don't show this dialog again
Suppress displaying of this dialog before each packing to ZIP archive. You can enable displaying again in the ZIP Configuration.
Opens the ZIP Configuration dialog.

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