ZIP Configuration

Here you can set general options for the ZIP plugin. Configuration is accessible either from Altap Salamander Plugins Manager dialog (menu Plugins/Plugins Manager) or from the Create New Archive dialog. See Configuring Plugins for general information on configuration.


Automatically expand multi-volume archives stored on fixed disk
Automatically find the last archive volume file (it contains information about files in the archive) and don't prompt user for locating of last archive. When last archive is found it lists or unpacks it without prompting for other archive volumes. This option applies only for multi-volume archives stored in fixed disks not for archives on removable media (e.g. floppy disk, CD-ROM).
Use temporary copy of archive for its modifications
For any action which changes ZIP archive (like packing or deleting files) ZIP plugin creates at first a backup copy of the archive and proceed the desired action on the backup copy. When the action is successfully finished original archive is replaced by the updated archive. In case of error the original is left unchanged. On the other hand there is a little slowdown through the backuping operation. It's strongly recommended to let ZIP keep backup copies while modifying archives.
Don't store empty directories in ZIP archive
Ignores empty directories when packing. This option doesn't affect empty directories already stored in the archive.
Set archive time to the newest file time when modifying archive
After any action which modifies an archive (files packing or deleting) ZIP plugin sets the archive file time to the time of the newest file in the archive. This option can be useful e.g. for backuping purposes.
Use WinZip compatible file names for multi-volume archives
Names of multi-volume archive parts are created using WinZip name conventions except for self-extracting archives. These are created using Altap Salamander naming conventions.
Compression level
Specify how much the files should be compressed. Level value 0 means store - no compression. Level 9 is the best possible (and slowest) compression which could be achieved with current ZIP compression algorithm (deflate).
Default self-extractor language
The default language of self-extracting archive. If you have invoked the ZIP Configuration dialog from the Create New Archive dialog, the change of the default language will not affect the current pack operation (use Advanced button from the Create New Archive dialog to change the language for the current pack operation).
When SFX language changes
You can specify your own texts for main window of self-extracting archive and optional message box which is displayed before main window (see Self-Extractor Texts dialog). Choose here what action should be taken when you are using such own texts and when you change language for self-extracting archive. Options are: Always ask before changing texts, Automatically replace texts with their default values, or Don't ask and leave always texts unchanged.
Display dialog with extended options before packing
Displays the Create New Archive/Add File to Archive dialog before each pack operation to ZIP archives. This lets you specify many options for packing ZIP archives which ZIP plugin offers you (like archive spanning, self-extracting archives or encryption).
Show column Packed when listing archive
Controls whether an extra column Packed with compressed size of the respective file should be added to the panel listing the archive in Detailed mode or Types mode.

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