Viewing Photos

If you are the owner of a digital camera, you surely have many photos stored on your disk. Here are some tips for easy viewing of these photos:

  • You can see thumbnails of your photos in panels, it usually helps a lot when you are searching for some specific photo. See how to select Thumbnails view in panel. You can also define the size of thumbnail (see the Appearance page in Configuration). Try also to maximize panel (the Ctrl+F11 key) with thumbnails and maximize Salamander's main window (the Ctrl+Shift+F11 key).
  • Use the View command from the panel or the View command from the Find window (you can find e.g. all *.jpg files on all your local disks and view them all one by one) to open the first photo in the viewer.
  • Switch to the Full Screen view mode. You should see only your photo, everything else is hidden (including mouse cursor, it disappears if mouse is without movement for a couple of seconds).
  • If you need to rotate image (pictures that you took while holding your camera vertically), use the R (clockwise by a quarter-turn) or L (counterclockwise by a quarter-turn) keys.
  • Use the Space key for viewing next photo, or the Backspace key for viewing previous photo. See more in Opening Previous or Next File from Panel or Find Window.
  • You may want to zoom in to see more details (the resolution of photos is usually much bigger than that of your display), see how to do it from keyboard and with mouse in Zooming View. For scrolling the view see Hand mode in Using Mouse in Viewer or just use the arrow keys.
  • Sometimes it happens that the photo is not that great and you want to delete it, see how to do it directly from the viewer.